Three Tips For Getting The Most From Magnetic Vehicle Decals

Car magnets can be an important form of marketing for your business, as it will allow you to turn any company vehicle into a moving billboard. Unfortunately, people often severely underestimate what is needed to get the best performance from their vehicle magnets. Considering that customized vehicle magnets can be a major investment, it is important to follow a few protocols to help ensure you are getting the best results.

Clean The Surface Before Applying The Magnet

Prior to placing the magnets on the vehicle, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the car. When you put the magnet on the vehicle while there is a heavy layer of dirt and grime, the magnet may not be able to properly hold onto the vehicle. This can lead to it peeling off when the car is in motion. In addition to ensuring the surface is clean, you should also verify that there are no air pockets between the decal and the car, as these can also inhibit the magnet's ability to hold onto the vehicle.

Protect The Magnets During The Winter

The winter months can be surprisingly hard on vehicle magnets. The widespread use of road deicing chemicals can be extremely abrasive to these decals. This can lead to the print on them fading much more rapidly. Luckily, you can greatly reduce the intensity of this issue by making sure to regularly clean the exterior of the cars so that any deicing chemicals will be removed. Ideally, this should be done at least once a week, and you should remove large accumulations of deicing chemicals whenever you notice them forming.

Know When To Replace The Magnets

Eventually, it will come time to replace your vehicle magnets. When this time arrives, you will want to act promptly, as a degraded magnet vehicle decal can pose a number of problems. One of the more obvious issues will be the safety concerns it can create, as the decal may be more likely to come loose while the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, the sight of a worn decal can give potential customers a bad impression of your enterprise. For this reason, you should regularly inspect your vehicle magnets, and consider replacing them if you find that the magnets are having difficulty staying on the vehicle or if the print on the decal is starting to become noticeably faded. In most instances, your decals should be able to last for at least a couple of years, but this will require them to be properly maintained.