Why Buy Car Bomb Odor Eliminators For Your Dealership?

Some of the used cars you buy might not smell that great inside. Spills, stains, cigarette smoke, and general dust and dirt might make a vehicle smell fusty and unpleasant. While also checking cars for mechanical faults and cleaning them up, you might need to use odor elimination products. Car odor bombs are a useful tool to have here. How do these products work and what are the benefits of using them?

What Are Car Odor Bombs?

Car odor bombs are a type of air freshener. However, they usually contain special disinfecting chemicals that target bad smells and their sources to eliminate them. To use a bomb, you typically start the car, make sure that its AC is running, and open all its vents. You pull the trigger on the bomb container and then close the car doors. The bomb spreads its contents through the vehicle. Its air conditioning system also carries the freshener through the vents. Once the bomb has dispensed its contents and they have dispersed, you open up the car again and take the container out. The car should now smell clean and fresh.

Why Use Car Odor Bombs?

Some used car odors have a simple fix. For example, if a smell is coming from a stained mat that has had a lot of food and drinks spilled on it, then cleaning or replacing the mat will get rid of the odor.

However, some smells are harder to eliminate. They might even affect how quickly you can sell a vehicle. For example, cigarette smoke odor can be hard to eliminate. It seeps into soft furnishings and even plastics in the car. Dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses can also make car vents smell. These deep-seated smells are hard to get rid of. You can use standard air fresheners; however, these products typically mask smells rather than eliminate them. Once you remove a freshener or once its fragrance fades, the odor becomes noticeable again.

These smells might hurt your sales. Some customers won't want to buy a vehicle that has a strong and nasty internal odor. They might also worry about the car having bacteria and virus germs. A car odor bomb can knock out nasty odors quickly and effectively. It can even clear smells from soft furnishings and plastics. Plus, it tackles germs in vents and AC systems so that your customers can have confidence that a car is safe. It will smell like new.

To find out more about odor elimination products for car dealers, contact your auto accessories supplier.