What You Can Do To Prevent Rust On Your Vehicle

It doesn't matter how old or new your vehicle is, rust isn't something you want to deal with. Rust can quickly transform a nice vehicle to something that looks old and worn. Fortunately, rust is something you can avoid, if you're willing to put forth the effort. Here are just some of the things you can do to prevent rust on your vehicle.

Clean Your Vehicle

One of the best things you can do to prevent rust is to clean your vehicle regularly. Sand, dirt, mud and salt can all breakdown your vehicle's defenses over time, which is its protective coating. Once this coat has been penetrated, this can lead to a reaction that causes rust to develop on the surface.

The more effort you make to keep the vehicle clean, the less likely you are to encounter this issue. While you don't necessarily have to wash your vehicle every day, if it has recently snowed or you went off-roading in the mud, you want to wash it quickly to avoid further damage.

Inspect The Drains

If you're anything like the average vehicle driver, you may not even know that your vehicle has drains. However, they do. Most vehicles have drains in areas where water can easily collect and cause damage. Some of the more common drain locations include the base of the doors, the tailgate and the bottom of the fenders.

Over time, dirt, leaves and other debris can clog these drains and prevent the water from flowing through, causing it to collect. Make it a habit to inspect these drains periodically to ensure there isn't anything inhibiting the water flow.

Consider Coating

If your vehicle is especially at risk for rust development, a better idea might be vehicle undercoating and oil coating the vehicle. An example of a vehicle at an increased risk might be one that must drive through long winters with heavy snow fall frequently.

Generally, this process is applied in the form of a spray application formulated from silicone, ceramics, rubber, fiberglass, asphalt and other materials based on the makeup of your vehicle. The goal of this process is to create somewhat of a protective barrier over the base of the vehicle that prevents the development of rust.

There are things you can do to prevent rust development on your vehicle, but you do have to put forth an effort. Make sure you're working to protect your vehicle.