4 Truck Bed Upgrades Ideal For Selling At A Farmer’s Market

Selling fruits, vegetables, and other products at a farmer's market is a great way to connect with the community and supply local food sources. Depending on the local farmer's market in your area, you could be selling products just one day or multiple days a week. But setting up the market each day can take a lot of work and planning. If you use a truck to transport items, then you can make the process a lot easier by adding four different upgrades to the vehicle. Each upgrade can help with multiple aspects of the farmer's market and the way you operate each time the market is held.

Conveyor Wheels

Large bags or boxes of fruit and vegetables can take their toll as you and unload your truck each day. Instead of climbing inside the truck bed or struggling to reach items, the movement of boxes and bags can be made a lot easier with the use of conveyor wheels. A conveyor wheel system would lay on the bed of a truck. Items can be placed on the back of the conveyor and easily roll down to the end of the truck for lifting. At the end of the day, leftover items can be lifted up and placed back on the conveyor wheels and rolled to the back of the truck. When you have someone to help you out, it's easy to get a system going and easily load or unload the truck.

Tarp System

Many farmer's markets are held outside and you never know when weather is going to turn bad. Help keep all of your items protected by having a tarp system installed in the back of your truck. Whether you drive a traditional pick-up truck or a small flatbed, there are multiple options for a tarp system. The key to these systems is that they can easily extend outwards and cover up the bed of your truck.

Two of the more common options to select from are rolling tarp systems and sliding tarp systems. Both systems extend outward and then connect to the tailgate of the truck. Not only are these systems great for bad weather situations, but they can make it easier to transport items on your way to the farmer's market. The tarps can prevent food or other debris from flying out the back of the truck. This is especially helpful if you are traveling down a high-speed road like a highway.

Flag Poles

Help attract new customers to your farmer's market stand by having flag poles installed on the sides of your truck bed. These poles make it easy to advertise the goods that you are selling and allow people to see various options from a long distance away. For example, you can purchase flags that feature images of vegetables like a tomato. You could also feature a flag collage of fruits that you have available for sale. When the truck is parked next to your stand, it's easy to see your offerings and attract all types of customers.

LED Light Trims

Just because the sun is setting doesn't mean you need to close your farmer's market early. Provide extra illumination for products you have in stock with the use of LED light trims. These trims can be installed on the bed and tailgate of your truck. The extra illumination allows you to easily see inside the truck and access inventory that you have. The use of these lights can also increase the safety of using your truck in the dark. When loading items back on and packing up, you can easily see where the edge of the truck is and help prevent accidental falls.

Every farmer's market is different, so it's important to select the features that can cater best to your personal needs.