3 Extras To Sell At Your Detailing Shop To Make Extra Cash

If you run a car detailing shop, then the majority of your profits probably come from the car detailing services that you provide. Selling items in your shop can be a good way to make some extra cash and provide things that your customers want, too. If you're wondering what you can sell in your car detailing shop to potentially make some extra cash, try starting out with these ideas.

1. Air Fresheners

When you and your team get finished detailing cars, they probably smell fresh and clean. Many car owners will probably want to keep their cars smelling nice well after the fact, too, and this is when air fresheners can help. You can purchase wholesale car air fresheners and put them up for sale in your detailing shop, though, which is a great way to keep your customers happy and make a little bit of cash, too. For best results, you'll probably want to offer a nice selection of scents so that each customer can choose the scent that is most appealing to them.

2. Car Washing Supplies

Even though you might want your customers to come back to your shop for all of their detailing needs, it's not a bad idea to sell products that your customers can use to clean up their cars in-between detailing appointments. You can sell car washing soaps, chamois cloths, car wax and other products, for example. Your customers are sure to appreciate your suggestions, since they probably know that you know which products work best, and they might purchase some of these products so that they can work on keeping their cars clean until their next detailing appointment.

3. Car Ashtrays

Many modern cars don't come with ashtrays installed in them anymore, but that doesn't mean that people don't smoke in their cars. If smokers have ashtrays in their vehicles, though, they can help prevent ashes from flying all over their newly detailed cars. Some car ashtrays have lids and are great for helping to prevent the cigarette odor from being too strong in the car, too. If you sell ashtrays in your car detailing shop, at least a few smokers are sure to be interested so that they can keep their freshly detailed cars clean. Plus, as an added bonus, ashtrays help cut down on littering, too, so you can feel good in knowing that your customers might be less likely to throw their cigarette butts out the windows of their cars if they buy your ashtrays.